Ask Your Doctor

1 09 2009

I’ve been spending the last day trying to decide how to make my first blog post witty, insightful and relevant. I drew a blank, so instead I’m going to talk about erectile dysfunction.

First of all, not that I was ever particularly enamored of the song “Viva Las Vegas,” but “Viva Viagra”? Really?

But that’s secondary to my real focus here, which is: “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.”

I did not make that up.

Can you imagine that conversation? “Listen, honey, I’d really like to have sex with you, but first I need to consult with my physician.”

crickets chirping

This is now my favorite disclaimer in an ED ad, narrowly edging out the warning to seek medical help if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours.

“Set the timer, honey!”

Also, am I the only person who thinks that maybe the couple in the Cialis commercial wouldn’t need medication if they just…I don’t know…sat in the same bathtub?

And there you have it. My first blog post, guaranteed to attract spammers aplenty in the comments. Score!

Stay tuned for my super-big rant about Super Why. Oh, yeah. You know you can’t wait.




7 responses

1 09 2009

Have already subscribed. Am your first commenter. And can hardly wait for the next one. Even if I wish you’d done blogger instead of WordPress. 😉

1 09 2009
dee gardner

Great first post. You should have some avid followers really quick. Did you discuss this with Carlin before posting?

1 09 2009

HOORAY for your first post! ED med commercials seriously crack me up… I never thought about that bit about the Cialis couple! lol I love you Jenny! Hee hee

1 09 2009

Wahoo! I thought you were totally being sarcastic in Facebook. I am SO excited for your blog. I have been missing my Jenny Fix – you make me cry!

1 09 2009

You knocked the ball out of the park with your first post! Totally funny, and also things that I have always thought. Why two tubs? I mean, really!

1 09 2009
Dr. Mark

Stereotypically, most men would tell their friends about the 4-hour erection before their doctors.

(Did I just say that?!)

Great to see you blogging!

3 09 2009

way to talk about penises your first blog ever. that’s my jenny!

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