Change Will Do You Good

3 09 2009

The first thing you should know: I hate pennies. Not in the “let’s do away with them” way, because then nickels would just become the new pennies and we’d all hate nickels. But in the “I love to make exact change whenever possible and get rid of my pennies” sort of way. And yes, I know if I saved up all of those pennies in a big jar eventually I would save tons of money and be able to buy myself a pair of Louboutins or something, but whatever. I can just paint the soles of my Payless pumps red.

Anyway, I went to Del Taco today, and the total for my order was $7.31.  I had quarters, dimes, and a few pennies. No nickels. You see my dilemma. Being the anal retentive woman I am and not wanting pennies back, I gave the cashier $7.36.  At this point–and I know you all see this coming–she looked at me and said, “It’s $7.31.”


I was faced with two options here–do I explain this whole process to her? Were I a better person, I suppose I could’ve helped her out a little. Instead, I opted for plan B, which involved staring at her until she entered it into her register. Then she stared at the register for a while. After a couple of minutes, I received my hard-earned nickel.

Wow. Just, wow. So I’m looking for feedback here–am I being ridiculous? Should I just have given her $7.50 and sucked it up in the pennies department? Help me out here, because I’m wondering if I’m becoming too OCD for my own good, or if it’s just the rest of the world that needs to change.

Obviously, I’m pulling for the latter.




One response

4 09 2009

*LOL* Keep the funnies coming Jenn, you’re one in a billion *hugs*

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