Is it really that difficult?

12 09 2009

I’m at work today, pretending to be an adult. And yes, that’s difficult for me. Thanks for asking.

I rang up a $5 prescription for a 70-something gentleman. He opened up his wallet and, one by one, flung dollar bills onto the counter. Right in front of himself. Three feet away from me. Then he just stood there. I tried my patented method of simply staring at him, but he didn’t budge.

Now, I’m a rather average height, but 5’5″ doesn’t exactly make for an impressive wingspan. So I had to stand on my tiptoes and reach as far as I possibly could to gather up his stupid dollars. Which were sitting three inches from his fingertips. Yeah.

I could spend the next 10 paragraphs ranting about his complete lack of consideration, but I think y’all know where I’m going here. HAND YOUR MONEY TO THE CASHIER. It’s not that hard. Unless you don’t have hands, in which case I promise to be more accomodating than Bank of America.




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