Am I done yet?

16 09 2009

Up to this point, I’ve kept my posts pretty light and fluffy, because quite frankly, I’m a light and fluffy kind of gal. Or something. However, my doctor’s appointment yesterday is weighing heavily upon me, so I’ve decided to unload, blogger-style.

The nurse practitioner at my OB/GYN thinks I should have an endometrial ablation. If you really want to know the reasons, you can contact me directly, because there’s only so many things I feel the need to discuss publicly, and that’s not one of them. (Right this moment, I hear every man who reads this blog breathing a HUGE sigh of relief). Having the ablation will put an end to Jenny Smith, baby-making machine.

Those of you who know me well (and some of you who don’t, because let’s face it, I’m not exactly closed-mouthed on this subject) are aware that I’d really rather jab a sharp object in my eye than have another child. And yes, I do know that for a fact, because I actually jabbed a pencil in my eye when I was six, so I can do a direct comparison. And you thought I was being overly dramatic. Ha!

I mean, let’s face it–childbearing isn’t exactly Duggar-esque for me. The short run-down for those not in the know: I’ve had 5 pregnancies and have 2 living children. Those children were born at 31.5 and 29 weeks, and spent 5 and 6 weeks in the NICU, respectively. This is not an experience I particularly wish to repeat.

So why am I so wishy-washy about ending things permanently?

More on this later, as I give it more thought. I’m sure you’re all tingly with anticipation.

What to look for in the future: My first mammogram! Now THAT will be a blog post to remember.




3 responses

16 09 2009

I’ve thought of one myself. DH has had a vasectomy (and had the follow up testing!) but both our first 2 children were conceived on the first try & the 3rd was a one time “oops” pre-vasectomy. Apparently we are a fertile combo & I am terrified of having a vasectomy “oops”. Especially now at 40 & having had PE (while relatively minor) all 3 times.

I look forward to your mamogram post. I have *got* to get one scheduled too!

16 09 2009

Girl, I’ve had the mammogram and the post to prove it. Not a pretty sight, I’ll say that much; though the word ablation doesn’t conjure rainbows and unicorns so much, either. *cringe*

20 09 2009

Well, you know what I think. It’s a really hellacious decision either way.

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