You said what?

20 09 2009

Being a mother is an interesting experience. In that vein, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the things I never expected to hear issuing forth from my lips. Some are simply the typical mom lines that I always planned (pre-child, of course) to avoid. Other are just…well, you’ll see.

Because I said so.

What could you possibly have been thinking?

Do I need to pull this car over?

I guess you’ll just have to go to bed hungry.

Do I need to call daddy at work and have him come home?

Of course I’ll smash that spider for you.

Please don’t sit on your brother.

If you keep eating your boogers, you have to go somewhere else. Mommy doesn’t sit by little boys who eat their boogers.

Don’t lick your shoe!

Mommy doesn’t have a penis.




3 responses

20 09 2009

“Mommy doesn’t have a penis.” Ha ha ha ha! Is it a bad thing that I’ve already said similar things from this list to Lydia and Isaac… I’m doomed!

20 09 2009

Only shoes? Between my 3 I know I’ve said not to lick: my arm (my face, my ear, my leg, my foot – you name it!), your sister, the window, the glass during ballet class (this week to the 4 year old who I thought *might* know better by now), the sidewalk, the slide at the playgroud, that tree.
And that’s just now off the top of my head. Yikes – I’ve got some strange kids!!

20 09 2009

Trish, I don’t bother documenting any sort of people or glass licking. That’s such the norm that I barely notice anymore. But the shoe? That just ain’t right.

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