The Haircut

11 10 2009

Being the mother of a 4-year-old is frequently much like what I imagine living with an unmedicated bipolar is like. An unmedicated bipolar with ADHD. And multiple personality disorder. Plus narcissistic AND histrionic personality disorders. Actually, I think 4-year-olds are pretty much a walking DSM-IV.

Today’s example: The Haircut. The Haircut must be capitalized, because apparently it’s some form of medieval torture of which I was unaware. Personally, I enjoy visiting my stylist. In fact, I pay an indecent amount of money to see her (actually, it’s quite reasonable…I just don’t have enough money to justify anything higher than the SuperCuts level).

Both Big and Little G have been in desperate need of haircuts for some time. I’ve started to refer to Little G as a “damn hippie” behind his back. Tonight my husband (henceforth referred to as The Man) and I decided it was time to bite the bullet, pin down Little G, and give him a shearing. This was surprisingly easy compared to my exceedingly low expectations. Things got a little dicey at the end, but overall the experience wasn’t too bad.

I managed to convince Big G that he needed a haircut to look as cool as Little G. Since it was already bedtime and Big G was taking a bath, I told him we’d take care of it tomorrow. At this point, Big G, who previously ran in horror whenever I mentioned The Haircut, burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I need a haircut so I can be awesome like Little G!”

You know, sometimes I wonder about this whole mom thing…but then I have a moment like this.

Big G got his haircut complete with clippers and M&Ms, and there was awesomeness throughout the land.

Awesomeness Ensued

The Haircuts




2 responses

14 10 2009

Handsome fam! And Little G is so big!

15 10 2009

LOL! I love that you likened it to a bipolar without medication. 🙂

Handsome men my dear.

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