Am I Committed?

12 03 2010

No, I haven’t been admitted to a psychiatric facility (although I certainly understand the assumption). I’m exploring the concept of committment. More specifically, to what am I willing to commit?

This morning I linked to a slow-cooker blog through Facebook – “A Year of Slow Cooking.” As I sat contemplating the abundance of year-long commitments people make online, I wondered what I can do for an entire year. I certainly won’t be cooking a new recipe every day. Let’s be completely frank here–I’m not even willing to promise 365 showers in the next year.

I’m ridiculously anti-goal. It drives my husband batty, but I see goal-setting as a way to set myself up for failure. Please, don’t feel the need to lecture me in the comments section. I’ve seen the same therapist for 15 years. Believe me, whatever it is you’re going to tell me, I already know. But when I look at it in terms of making a commitment, it suddenly feels different.

Still, what can I possibly do for the next year that’s worthy of the effort? Is there anything I really want to do every day for 365 days? (No, reading a book or eating chocolate don’t count here.)

I’m rambling. What it comes down to: I’m going to blog every day for the next 365 days.

I know. I’m completely insane. But when I look at what I really love to do, what I wish I spent more time doing, and what I’d love to improve at…well, it’s writing.

So there you go. Today is official day 1 of my year o’ blogging. I can’t promise I’ll always be entertaining, but I will be consistent!

For some reason I feel like I should end this post with, “And may God have mercy on your souls.” This concerns me.




4 responses

12 03 2010

Hear, hear!

I should make this commitment too! I figured out that I can start small – micro-blogging with pictures already up for three days now.

12 03 2010

I am glad that you are going to blog every day because I for one love your witty writings. Also, it kind of makes me feel like less of a freak, since I often blog daily as well. LOL.

Oh, and being anti-goal isn’t such a bad thing really, but I’m sure that is something you already know. 😉

12 03 2010
Erika Hill

I’m glad to find a fellow anti-goaler. I also agree that it’s setting yourself for failure in some ways. I mean, I have goals, I just don’t have numerical ones because then even if you most-way satisfy your goal (let’s say that your goal is to clean your house every Saturday, and you miss one week), you’ve still technically failed.

I think the commitment to blog every day is a good one, but just recognize that missing one day because your toilet is hopelessly clogged, both of your children have vomited on you twice, and every soda fountain is inexplicably out of every cola beverage does not mean failure.

I think it’s about time I add you to my blogroll. 🙂

12 03 2010

Anti-goalers unite!!! 🙂 I admire your desire for commitment to something. I have failed at way too many things to even want to set goals (well, long-term ones at least), but I did make you a squidapus! It just needs googly-eyes!

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