Happy Anniversary to Me

12 03 2010

I’m going to make this quick, because today I’m celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary (Which was actually yesterday, but who celebrates on a Thursday?). My brother (visiting from Albuquerque) and my parents are watching Big and Little G, which means we get to spend an entire night in our bed…all by ourselves. Without any night lights. This is the first time we’ve gone overnight without kids since Big G was born–over four years ago. It’s all very exciting!

You know what isn’t exciting? Explosive diarrhea. I remain firmly convinced that from time to time, God just sits back and giggles. Wouldn’t you?




3 responses

12 03 2010

Ummm… I hope that doesn’t mean that one of you has explosive diarrhea. That would be very unromantic. And icky.

13 03 2010

That would be me, Aimee. And here I was thinking that 13 years wasn’t at all unlucky…

24 03 2010

How’d that go? Is Peter still there? I remember your wedding day!

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