Dora the Census Taker

13 03 2010

You know, I was totally going to blow off that whole census thing, but then I found out Dora the Explorer thinks it’s important. She claims she’s mailing it for her mommy, but we all know the truth. Dora totally filled that out herself. Mommy was too busy to do it. I don’t know what mommy was doing, but she must be busy a lot since Dora spends all her time wandering around forests and mountains and rivers accompanied only by a talking monkey with a footwear fetish. Good thing Swiper didn’t steal it before she got it in the mailbox! Fricking klepto fox will take anything that isn’t nailed down. (Phrase of the Day: Klepto…like a fox!)

I really need to watch less children’s television. Seriously.




One response

14 03 2010

Dora is so socially conscious!

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