Please, Hold Your Applause.

15 03 2010

The Deseret News (a local newspaper) ran this unfortunately captioned photo this weekend:

The picture itself is rather unremarkable…until you read the caption. I’m all for honesty, but applause? Really? I guess it’s understandable–whenever I see a pedophile, my first instinct is to bust out a standing ovation.

*I know the date on this post says the 15th which would mean I missed a day of blogging, but I maintain that if I write and publish it before I go to bed, it totally counts for my daily post. My blog, my rules.




2 responses

15 03 2010

Oh good grief! LOL!

15 03 2010

I saw this on the nightly news and it made me want to vomit. What were they thinking? Oh yeah, that’s right, once you become a politician you stop thinking.

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