What are my kids learning?

16 03 2010

Big G has been in preschool for just over a year now, and we love it. His teacher is fantastic, the school is wonderful–the whole experience has been great. Every week they focus on a different letter, and this week that letter is V. Big G came home with this:

Note the exceptional artistic talent!

Pretty average preschool work, right? You may be wondering what my problem is with this worksheet. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Dude. Seriously?

Words fail me. Is it really that difficult to proofread a preschool alphabet workbook?

Of course, at least we don’t live in Texas. My kid might misspell volcano but, by golly, he’ll know who Thomas Jefferson is.




3 responses

17 03 2010

That is sad… just… sad. The book was probably put together by some poor Filipinos who just needed the money. Please tell me you’ll send a note to the teacher about it!!!!

17 03 2010

While true it was probably put together by Filipinos who need money, they do speak English in this country and use the word Volcano more than we do in other places in the world. Did the preschool teachers notice anything awry?

17 03 2010

I have no idea if the teachers noticed it or not. I plan to point it out tomorrow. I figure at the very least, they can scribble in an O over the A so it sort of looks like it’s spelled correctly.

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