A Clarification

19 03 2010

I feel like I need to justify my last post–or rather, provide a bit of explanation. Especially since this morning (in the shower, where all great thoughts occur), I was stricken by the horrifying notion that some of you might think I like Robin Thicke. I really don’t know anything about Robin Thicke. I saw him a few weeks ago on some late night show (probably Letterman, since I usually catch the tail end of his show when I tune in for Craig Ferguson). I think he was trying to be sexy (Robin Thicke, that is. Not David Letterman. Aaaaand I just threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of Letterman being sexy.), but quite frankly, he was downright comical. In a creepy kind of way.

Also, the Growing Pains theme song is still stuck in my head. Can’t remember how it goes? Let me get you started: “Show me that smile again…don’t waste another minute on your crying…”




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