Like Father, Like Son

19 03 2010

I was all set to make a crack about how nice it is that Alan Thicke’s son, Robin, is doing so well for himself. You know, ha ha ha…like Robin Thicke is related to the dad from Growing Pains…how hilarious am I? Fortunately, I did a quick fact-check (Thanks, Wikipedia!) and holy crap, y’all! Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son! (Best heading in Robin Thicke’s Wikipedia entry: “2009 – present: Sex Therapy and future projects.”)

You may wonder where I’m going with this. You and me both. The most alarming development in all of this? I now have the theme song from Growing Pains stuck in my head.

Hey, not every post can be a winner. Just enjoy this peek into the abyss that is my brain. Whee!




One response

24 03 2010

Okay, seriously? I love this post. I’ve decided that rather than catching up on all your posts (though I’m trying), I’ll at least try to catch up on recent ones so I can stay caught up on your “Julie and Julia”-esque goal!!

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