At least I know he’s paying attention.

22 03 2010

I was roughhousing with Big G today, which of course ended in tickles. As I tickled him, he fell on the floor and bumped his arm. It was, of course, completely my fault: “Mom! You hurt me!” I love these moments, because they’re always tinged with the idea that I did it on purpose. I apologized profusely, and this was his reply:

“You hurt me when you tickled me. That was a bad thing to do. You should have listened to God.”

Of course, being the stellar mom that I am, when he was bugging me later in the day I said, “I’m pretty sure God is telling me that you need to play somewhere else.”

So are any of you going to nominate me for mom of the year, or should I just put my own name in?




3 responses

22 03 2010

Now that’s awesome…

22 03 2010

And re: mom of the year, I have to wait and see what God says. So far I haven’t received full instructions on how to leave a complete blog comment yet. So this could take a while. :-P!

25 03 2010

Sounds like we’re neck and neck in that competition.

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