Really Not Helping

24 03 2010

You know how yesterday I posted about my terrible depression and hoped maybe today I’d be back to funny? Yeah, not so much.

Maybe I’d be funnier if not for two things: 1) Little G is sick and 2) Big G killed my Palm Pixi.

Let’s talk a bit about that second item, shall we? You’d think I’d be all talked out since I’ve whined to every single person who would listen today, but no. I’m so not done. Want to know why? He bit my phone. I kid you not. While I was in the shower, my 4-year-old son took my beautiful Pixi and bit it on the screen hard enough to crack the glass. Twice.

That’s right. He fricking bit my fricking cell phone. As you might imagine, I’m a little beyond perturbed by this. So I told him he couldn’t play video games today, and he had a total meltdown and said, “I WANT TO PLAY GAMES!” My awesome mom reply? “Well, I want a phone that works, but obviously we can’t always have what we want.”

I think this calls for a poll.

I’ll post the correct answer tomorrow, and possibly some pictures if I get around to it.

Also? You’re all awesome and I love you. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. It means more than you know.




4 responses

25 03 2010

FOUR?!?! He’s FOUR!!! Send him to the coal mines to make enough money for a new one!

Thanks for sharing though- since it’s not my kid I giggled. Also I’ve used a very similar reply…

25 03 2010

And you still blogged! I am SO impressed. And I’m sending cyberhugs your way. 🙂

25 03 2010

I care deeply. I just don’t know what to say. Nothing I can think of seems right, so I say nothing. Just want you to know, it’s not because I care. You’re a fantastic mother, even if you snap and are depressed. I snapped; I was depressed; I was NOT on medication (and should have been). I think it remarkable that you didn’t pummel your child to death. I never pummeled you or your brother to death but I did, I’m sorry to say, lose it and yell at the top of my lungs at both of you (not at one time). The thing is, it’s just so hard and you really can’t see an end to it. But it will end, I promise. And when they are gone, you will actually remember these incredibly frustrating moments with a wise shake of the head and wonder how you ever let your kids live that long. Hang in there! (See why I never say anything?)

25 03 2010

Read Sunny’s March 23 post to her blog.

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