Dear Dannon

4 04 2010

Dudes. We need to have a serious talk.

I like to watch TV. It’s pure escapism. It helps me get to my happy place. Want to know what takes me away from my happy place? Jamie Lee Curtis discussing her bowels.

I understand that irregularity can be a real problem, and I’m okay with commercials that discuss remedies. But listening to entire conversations? “I ate so much rich food and I was irregular.” No. NOT okay, Dannon.

When you first came out with Activia, I was willing to put up with the ads. I figured you’d do your thing (hee), get the word out there, and then return to commercials that don’t discuss the state of people’s intestines. How wrong I was! You’ve now moved into the realm of personal testimonials, supposedly from real people who look ridiculously comfortable to be on national television. Of course, I guess they’d have to be pretty comfortable to get in front of a camera and discuss their bowel habits.

And while we’re chatting, I just have to ask: Do you really think it’s a super idea to keep up with these ads when you recently settled a lawsuit to the tune of 35 million dollars? A lawsuit that claims your yogurt doesn’t do what you say it does?

I’m just sayin’. Food for thought.

P.S. Bifidus Regularis? Really? I’m supposed to think that’s a super-scientific thing?




6 responses

5 04 2010
Cluttered Brain

Yup, I agree. Who wants to hear Jamie Lee talk about her poo?
Gosh, what’s this world coming to anyway?
Loved this post. i bet you like to write don’t you?
I can tell. This post is very entertaining.

6 04 2010

Thanks, Alexes! I do love writing, and I’m glad it shows. 🙂

5 04 2010
Erika Hill

Have you seen the SNL Activia commercial? Hilarious. And I definitely agree, I’m sick of thinking about yogurt helping people evacuate their bowels.

5 04 2010
Kristina P.

Did you ever read my Activia blog post? I turned into a 50 year-old woman, overnight.

5 04 2010

I love your posts! You bring a smile to my face 🙂 I have to agree too, those people are WAY too comfortable discussing their bowel issues on T.V.

6 04 2010

Thanks, Pearl! Are you going to the CBC? Because I’m happy to discuss my bowels in a non-televised situation. 😉

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