The Bunny Militia

6 04 2010

Apparently one of you ratted me out to the Bunny Militia. Whoever you are, I will find you, and you will pay dearly. 

I rounded the corner at the grocery store today and was greeted by this disturbing sight: 

All lined up, just waiting to attack.

Yeah. I was (understandably, if you read my recent Easter Bunny post) alarmed. If you need me, I’ll be in my bunny-proof bunker. I’d tell you where that is, but obviously at least one of you can’t be trusted with the location of my root cellar. 


*Props to my coworker Heidi for the phrase “Bunny Militia.”




5 responses

7 04 2010

you have angered the bunnies, jenny. now you are the one who will pay dearly. they’ll gnaw off your face during the night. what demented grocery store is this?

7 04 2010

That’s the truly frightening thing – they know where I work.

7 04 2010

Were they armed with Cadburys? Yes, scary.

8 04 2010

Yes, they know where you work, and if you go to a root cellar for safety, they’ll find you there too. Root cellar? Are you kidding? If there’s one thing bunnies know, it’s roots. After all, they eat carrots from fields by pulling them down into their underground tunnels. The root cellar is the least safe place to be. Here’s a helpful tip: bunnies can’t climb trees. I know you can’t either, but consider it anyway.

12 04 2010
The Redhead Riter

Those are definitely some big bunnies! I love bunnies though, so I think they are cute.

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