Okay, fine.

10 04 2010

The overwhelming verdict (you know, 5 or so responses, including the man himself) is that “Muffin” isn’t working (as a nickname; the man himself is just fine). And I admit, I’m not as amused as I thought I’d be. Rather than prolonging the pain, I’ll just say I was wrong. Unfortunately, that means I have to think of something other than “Muffin” to call him. Going with an initial seems terribly boring, so I’m open to suggestions. I considered the full “MuffinMan” moniker, or shortening it to “MM,” but I find myself oddly indecisive.

Any ideas? Can you just be creative for me so I don’t have to stress? Seriously, people, don’t I have enough to worry about?




9 responses

11 04 2010

You could always just call him “the man” but that might give him a big head…

11 04 2010

How about Mr. O

11 04 2010

Why not just call him “C”?

11 04 2010

how about “sex machine”? or “my lover”?

12 04 2010

You should call him ‘Ward’ as in Ward Cleaver from ‘Leave it to Beaver.” However, Rachel’s suggestions are pretty awesome. 😉

12 04 2010

Superman sounds appropriate, after reading that blog *S*

12 04 2010

I’m kind of partial to “Babydaddy” I don’t know…maybe it’s just me.

12 04 2010

I do love BabyDaddy, but every time I say something like, “Oh, that’s John’s Babymama,” people look at me like I totally made that up. I just need different friends, right?

12 04 2010

I think we have the same friends…

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