It’s all about me.

Me, in all my awesomeness

Me, in all my awesomeness

I’m a 30-something stay-at-home mom to 2 boys (At this writing, Big G is 4 and Little G is 16 months). My alter-ego is a pharmacy technician with the possible ability to carry on an adult conversation. I might be imagining that, though.

I like to whine about things–including my husband, despite the fact that he’s ridiculously tolerant of my numerous quirks. This is important for you to know if you read my blog. It’s also important for me to write in case he ever actually reads any of this. (Hi Honey!)

I’ve had some questions about the origins of my blog name. “Like Swimming” is the name of an album and song by the fantastic and underappreciated band Morphine. The lyrics seem particularly appropriate to describe my life: “It’s a lot like swimming, first time over your head. It gets easier when you move your arms and legs.”


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18 04 2010
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