The Wisdom of Big G

24 04 2010

Today grandma and grandpa bought a few goldfish for their pond. Big G was commenting on how much they like to swim, so of course I had to bust out with, “Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.”

Big G’s response: “Lions gotta walk, langur monkeys gotta swing.”

What the crap? I had to Google langur monkeys to even know what he was talking about. It’s pretty sad when my 4-year-old knows more about the animal kingdom than I do.

I felt vindicated when, moments later, he asked, “Is there animals that aren’t robots?” Ah. Obviously I’m smarter than he is, because he used blatantly incorrect grammar. Oh, and the robot thing.

I told him animals are not robots and he replied, “Oh. They’re not all robots?”

Now I’m imagining a world filled with animatronic animals. It’s not pleasant. Thanks, Big G.

*WordPress doesn’t know the word “animatronic.” Obviously it’s never been to Chuck E Cheese. Or Disneyland. Unless it was so traumatized by the Hall of Presidents that it completely blocked animatronics from memory. Hey, it could happen.


Wordless Wednesday

21 04 2010